So soft this morning, ours

tenor en piano, 4′
geschreven op 25-6-2015 in het kader van een compositiedag op Codarts (Rotterdam)

So soft this morning, ours. Yes. Carry me along, taddy, like you done through the toy fair! If I seen him bearing down on me now under whitespread wings like he’d come from Arkangels, I sink I’d die down over his feet, humbly dumbly, only to washup. Yes, tid. There’s where. First. We pass through grass behush the bush to. Whish! A gull. Gulls. Far calls. Coming, far! End here. Us, then. Finn, again! Take. Bussoftlhee, mememormee! Till thousendsthee. Lps. The keys to. Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the

—James Joyce, uit Finnegans Wake

Première: 30-6-2015, Codarts Theaterzaal, Rotterdam
tenor: Georgi Ognjanov Sztojanov, piano: Vladan Kulišić

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